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Smart Key Fob Immobilizer. The SmartPouch is a Product & System for Locking Vehicles Equipped With Smart Keys for After Hour Deliveries.

At last, a solution for locking vehicles equipped with Smart Keys for after hour deliveries!

The Smart Pouch is a beneficial tool for businesses providing maintenance and repair services in the automotive industry. Many vehicles today are equipped with Passive Keyless Entry Systems (Smart Key). Smart Key technology offers safety and convenience by allowing the driver to enter and operate the vehicle without removing the key from a pocket or purse. Most vehicles equipped with this technology have a safety feature, which prevents the Smart Key from accidently being locked inside the passenger compartment or trunk.

While this feature is beneficial for the vehicle owner, it does not allow the Smart Key to be intentionally locked in the vehicle by a service provider for after hour delivery. The Smart Pouch coupled with a patented process immobilizes the Smart Key, allowing the key to be locked securely inside the vehicle. The Smart Pouch is beneficial to both service providers and their valued clients.

  • With the Smart Pouch, you can now lock your customers Smart Key inside their vehicle for safe and convenient after hour deliveries.
  • The service facility can deliver and safely lock the Smart Key inside the customer’s vehicle at their home or business. Even if your customer is not available to receive vehicle.
  • Provide concierge services for clients on business or leisure travel. What better time to service your customer’s vehicle! Provide your customer shuttle to airport. Complete service work and clean vehicle for delivery. Deliver and lock vehicle safely and securely in airport parking garage by baggage claim for client pick up after returning from trip! How much more convenient can it get? And, they will only have to pay to keep their vehicle in the parking garage for a short period of time.
  • Allow express pickups. The customer can simply pay over the phone, get the location of their vehicle in the service facility parking lot, then just get in and go!