The Smart Pouch is a unique product for the automotive service industry. Smart Keys have become a very common feature on vehicles in recent years. One feature the keys have, is the inability for the vehicle owner to accidently lock their key inside their vehicle. While this feature is beneficial for the vehicle owner, it does not allow the Smart Key to be intentionally locked in the vehicle by a service provider for after hour delivery.

The SmartPouch is a patented device and method for disabling a passive keyless entry system for after hour deliveries. Included in the package is a license agreement for the use of the method, a pouch made of special material which is used to immobilize Smart Keys, clear baggies which are used to protect the Smart Key while vehicle is being serviced, and access to vehicle specific instructions on website. With the method of disabling a passive keyless entry system being patented, you will not find this product elsewhere.

The SmartPouch headquarters is located in sunny South West Florida. The product can be purchased on our website or by phone at 800-644-6208. You may also contact us on our website if any questions.

The SmartPouch was thought of by Scott Beard. Scott grew up in Southern Maryland and attended college at Pennsylvania College of Technology where he received a degree in auto body technology. In addition to schooling, Scott has worked in the auto collision industry for over 18 years. Scott started off sweeping floors and washing cars, he is now part owner and manager at a high end bodyshop in Fort Myers, Florida. Scott prides himself on high quality repairs and impeccable customer service.

The idea of the SmartPouch came when a client was inconvenienced by having to leave his vehicle at the shop for an entire weekend. This was the result of not being able to lock his key inside the vehicle equipped with a Smart Key. Scott's wheels began turning and he created the SmartPouch.

If you're in the automotive service industry and have experienced the same problem, then the SmartPouch is for you.