For the busy person, dropping off and picking up a vehicle for service work can sometimes be difficult. Night drop boxes have become very common at service facilities for customers dropping off. Now, the Smart Pouch provides service facilities the flexibility to deliver vehicles equipped with a Smart Key after operating hours. The Smart Pouch allows customers the freedom to pick up their vehicle at their convenience.

At the time of vehicle drop off, simply separate the mechanical key from the electronic key fob (Smart Key). The vehicle owner will keep possession of their mechanical key, which is attached to their personal key ring. They will use the mechanical key to unlock their vehicle at time of pickup. The electronic key fob (Smart Key) will be used by the service provider to operate vehicle. Once repairs are complete, the Smart Key can be placed inside the SmartPouch. This immobilizes the Smart Key, allowing it to be locked safe and secure inside the vehicle for the customer to pick up at their convenience.

Service Department Benefits:

  • Added convenience for your customer 
  • Collect money when repair is complete, not when owner is able to pick up. 
  • Meet quotas and goals by closing repair orders when repair complete. 
  • Remove the risk and worry of leaving vehicle unlocked or with key hidden accessible by anyone. 
  • Included key bag protects Smart Key while vehicle at shop (Grease, Dropping, Water, Paint, Scratches, etc.) 
  • Achieve better CSI ratings 
  • Loaner cars returned sooner 
  • Don't have to remove difficult key rings 

Customer Benefits:

  • Added convenience for vehicle after hour pick up 24/7 
  • Deliver and securely lock vehicle at customers home, business, and airport for convenience purposes. 
  • Allow customers "Express pickups" 

What's Included:

  • Pouches 
  • Protective Key Fob Baggies (qty.1000) 
  • Access to vehicle specific instructions (on website) 
  • License agreement for Device And Method for Disabling A Passive Keyless Entry System 
  • Pouch Tracking form 
  • Authorization insert