I accept the terms and conditions of license agreement

(1) As used herein, "Licensed Technology" shall mean the Smart Pouch System, as well as all patents and patent applications relating thereto and all processes and products disclosed therein.

(2) S&M Innovations shall grant a nonexclusive license to Licensee for use of the "Licensed Technology" in Licensee's business. Licensee will have the right to use "Licensed Technology" after payment of membership fees and acceptance of terms and conditions of License Agreement.

(3) License Agreement is for use of Licensed Technology by Licensee in a single business location. (ex. a Licensee that owns/operates three (3) dealership locations must enter into a License Agreement for each business location including payment of three (3) membership fees and three (3) monthly license agreement fees for each location.)

(4) Smart Pouches are to be used by Licensee for business location covered by the License Agreement. Smart Pouch technology is not to be loaned or given to other locations or persons.

(5) License Agreements are non-transferrable and cannot be sold or sublet.

(6) The Licensee has the right to cancel License Agreement. Early termination fees and penalties will apply. (See price guide)

(7) Licensee is responsible for the return of pouches (including cost of shipping) to S&M Innovations within 15 days of expiration or termination of the License Agreement.

(8) S&M Innovations reserves the right to charge Licensee's account for early termination fee or pouches not returned within 15 days.

(9) The License Agreement is automatically terminated upon the assignment of the patent rights by S&M Innovations. If a person or entity purchases rights to patented process or S&M Innovations, S&M Innovations has the right to terminate or keep all agreements in order to satisfy sale of company or patented process.

(10) Upon cancellation of the License Agreement by Licensee or S&M Innovations, Licensee is no longer authorized to use patented process and License Agreement is terminated.

(11) S&M Innovations is not responsible for theft, damage to vehicle or belongings inside vehicle.

(12) If Licensee forfeits agreement or fails to make payment, S&M Innovations has the right to refer account balance to collection agency. Any fees includingbut not limited to attorney's fees and court costs will be paid by Licensee.

(13) Licensee shall be liable for treble damages and legal costs under the patent law should they infringe any patent relating to the Smart Pouch technology following termination of this Agreement.

(14) The License automatically terminates if monthly payments/royalties are more than 60 days overdue. Any further use of the technology by a licensee will be infringement (treble damages) and not simply breach of contract with just the royalty due.

(15) If Licensee chooses not to renew after (1) year, Licensee agrees to return pouches or pay fee of $60.00 for each pouch not returned.

(16) If Licensee chooses to terminate (1) year membership early, Licensee agrees to pay early termination fee of $90.00 and return pouches or pay fee of $60.00 for each pouch not returned.